5 Real-Life Super Humans You Didn’t Know About

Many of us would love to have a superpower. Unfortunately, the majority of people are only able to daydream about this possibility. However, there is a handful of people on this earth that possess extraordinary skills. 

They are among the discovered humans that showcase unnatural abilities. The world could be full of individuals that we haven’t heard of with superhuman potential. Here are 5 people with real people with superhuman abilities that you didn’t know about.

1. Mr. Freeze

Like many superheroes, Wim Hof, known as Mr. Freeze, accidentally learned of his unusual ability. When he was 17, he walked along a frozen river near his house, suddenly feeling an urge to jump in. He plunged into the freezing water and discovered his ability to withstand cold temperatures. This talent has led him to break an impressive 26 world records since then. 

Mr. FreezeSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Showcasing his superpowers, Hof attempted to climb Mt. Everest wearing only shorts. Making it to the Death Zone unscathed, he suffered a foot injury that forced him to abandon his efforts. Some of his other outstanding feats include running a marathon in the snow while barefoot and diving into icy waters for an extended amount of time. 

Studies have shown that his uncanny feats are due to meditation techniques and efficient breathing. When facing extreme temperatures, his body releases cannabinoids and opioids, which allow him to sustain the cold. Scientists are still baffled by his immunity to frostbite, a condition unrelated to his body’s reaction or breathing techniques. 

2. The Real Flash

Some people fantasize about possessing a superhuman running ability. Dean Karnazes doesn’t have to dream about it. He has proven himself to have herculean endurance. One of his notable feats is running 350 miles at once without stopping. He easily ran through Death Valley, one of the hottest places on earth. 

The Real FlashSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Most people have a lactate threshold that prohibits them from running extended distances. Our bodies utilize glucose as energy, which produces lactate. The acid begins building up in the muscles and causes a burning pain that many runners describe as “hitting the wall.” Running too far can lead to exhaustion and, in extreme cases, blacking out. 

Karnazes strangely doesn’t have this limiting threshold. Never experienced aching muscles or a cramp; he can run far longer than any other human. The only thing keeping him from being able to run forever is sleep. He’s even mentioned instances where he began falling asleep while running. 

3. Real Professor X

You may know a few people that claim to have a photographic memory. Marilu Henner has a memory that dwarfs a photographic memory, rendering it insignificant. She has an extremely rare condition called HSAM, or Superior Autobiographical Memory, granting her access to everything in her past.

super human memorySource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Having this extraordinary capability to remember everything isn’t as peachy as it seems. People with this condition are more likely to have depression and anxiety disorders. Henner effortlessly recalls the date, month, and year of all the events she has experienced. She and her family discovered the ability at the age of six. As an actor, Henner benefits from HSAM by memorizing lines instantly. 

4. Real Overseer

There is a family from Connecticut that dazzles scientists with the density of their bones. A genetic mutation prevents them from ever breaking a bone. Researchers believe that this family possesses the most robust bones in the world. Through their studies, scientists hope to crack the case of the family’s wild bone strength to further treatments for osteoporosis.

Strong bonesSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

20 family members underwent tests to determine if they exhibited similar bone strength. Over half of them possessed oddly strong bones, leading to the conclusion that the superpower is genetic. 

5. Real Deadpool

Imagine living your life, never having to feel fear. For most of us, a fearless life isn’t an option. Discovered with a condition called Urbach-Wiethe, an unnamed woman was discovered to feel no fear at all. 

DeadpoolSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

As a child, she had no problem holding venomous animals, including spiders and snakes. Later in life, she was threatened with a knife by an attacker who soon realized she wasn’t afraid of him. He was so taken back by her lack of fear that he retreated. 

She agreed to be tested by scientists in an experiment exposing her to carbon dioxide. This test surprisingly revealed a weakness after she experienced a panic attack from the gas. Nonetheless, this reaction didn’t result from fear but rather a physical response to suffocation. 

Many of us love superhero movies and daydream about having superhuman abilities. These five people show significant evidence that superheroes aren’t just a thing of fantasy. There may be superheroes we’ve never heard of hiding in the shadows. Everyone has unique traits that set them apart from others. Let us hope that these superheroes use their powers for good.


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