7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Coffee

In 2018, a study by the National Coffee Association found that 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day. In fact, 83% of Americans say they drink coffee, but not on a daily basis. They spend about $1,100 a year on coffee. However, there are conflicting reports in the media as to whether or not coffee is good for you. That’s why we’re listing the 7 surprising benefits of coffee. 

1. You live longer

Studies from 2017 showed that people who drank more coffee (including decaf coffee) had a smaller chance of dying early. The research investigated all kinds of ethnicities. Those who drank two or more cups of coffee a day had a 18% lower chance of an early death, than the 16% who did not drink coffee. 

2. It can increase your libido

A study carried out on male rats concluded that the libido of these rats was higher than that of rats not exposed to caffeine. Caffeine is simply a stimulant, so it can have positive effects sexually, as well.

3. It gives you more energy

It is clear that caffeine boosts your energy level. But how much caffeine should we consume? For adults, this amounts to about 400mg of caffeine a day. If you drink normal filter coffee, this means that you can safely consume about 4 cups of coffee. 

Caffeine also has a positive influence on memory, mood, physical ability, reactivity and general functioning during the day. As long as you don’t opt for coffee varieties with lots of sugar and fat, you can easily drink 4 cups a day. 

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

4. It can help you burn fat and lose weight

Caffeine can increase metabolism by up to 11%. This is why caffeine is the number one supplement used in fat burning supplements. Although a cup of coffee doesn’t have the stimulating effects similar to fat burning supplements, coffee does make you fill up faster. This in turn makes you less likely to reach for food. 

5. It contributes to good bowel movement

This is because the caffeine in coffee creates a squeezing colon. This in turn causes you to have to go to the toilet. In addition, coffee can provide more gastrine. This hormone makes the colon even more active. 

6. It has positive effects on your liver

Research shows that liver cirrhosis is between 25% and 70% less common in people who drink a cup of coffee every day. In addition, drinking coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 20%. If you drink about 5 cups of coffee a day, the risk can even be reduced by 50%. 

7. It can prevent diseases

Finally, coffee prevents all sorts of different diseases. For example, the chance of developing diabetes as an adult is dramatically reduced if you drink a cup of coffee every day. The risk is even reduced by 23-50% for people who drink several cups of coffee a day. 

In addition, researchers have shown that there is also a link between the level of coffee consumption and heart attacks, strokes and colorectal cancer. Coffee drinkers are also up to 65% less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s, than people who do not drink coffee at all. Coffee is also a very good remedy for Parkinson’s disease, reducing the risk of the disease by 32 to 60%. 


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