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Facts2Read is a site for curious people who have an appetite for new knowledge and fascinating information.

Are you naturally curious and inquisitive? Enjoy being the smartest person in the room? If you love discovering facts that’ll tickle your brain, Facts2Read will have you feeling right at home! Our goal is to feed your eagerness to learn.

We are a small, passionate team of ‘fact learners’ that enjoy scouring the dustiest history books for interesting facts. We also frequently dive into the deepest ends of the World Wide Web to learn fun, new information. More than anything, we read a lot. 

Hey, did you know that the ducktail haircut was the most popular hairstyle in the 50s? We didn’t – but now we do!

It’s daily facts for the curious.

At Facts2Read, we post scientific, historical, and cultural facts from all areas of life. From Queen Victoria and the Titanic to climate change and the human brain, our content is as informative and fascinating today as much as it was 50 (or 500) years ago when it was first discovered.

Read the most interesting stories from history. Find bizarre and random hacks that’ll make you say “wow”! Learn weird, new facts and store them away for future trivia nights. We love to create content that is worth sharing on social media as much as in everyday conversations – so you never have to worry about running out of things to talk about. 

Our gallery includes hundreds of interesting facts and stories from all around the world. We take great pride in each new article and do our best to satisfy your hunger for knowledge on a daily basis!

Here are 5 fun facts about our team.

1. We are a team of 12 people from 5 different countries.

2. The youngest person on the team, Jennifer, is 16. The oldest one, Karim, is 46. Talk about time traveling, sheesh!

3. Our editor, Danny, has read 512 books. He is our thought leader, for sure!

4. Neither one of us has ever visited New Zealand or Australia. Team retreat soon, maybe?

5. All of us have to memorize at least 5 facts from each new post we create. We test each other, too. No room for smartypants around here, just pure smarts!

Hey, thanks for getting to know us! We hope you enjoy the site.

Your Facts2Read Team