Facts About Napoleon You Didn’t Already Know

Napoleon is widely known as a true military tactician and a man of influence. His share in the history books is therefore large. His fight to lead the French Kingdom is well known, but he often identified himself as someone who fought for the freedom of Corsica. However, there are some nice facts about Napoleon that many people don’t know. In this article, we mention some of them.

He wrote a novel

First of all, few people know than Napoleon Bonaparte wrote a novel. With ‘Clisson et Eugenie’, he wrote a very short novel of only 17 pages. Those who have read his work let it be known that it is not a literary masterpiece and that it’s good he did not pursue this hobby any further. 

Napoleon’s first wife

Napoleon’s first wife, Josephine, only just escaped the guillotine. There was an uprising going on, led by Robespierre. Due to the beheading of the leader of the revolt, Josephine was not beheaded in the end.

Source: Historyhit
Source: Historyhit

Masked Napoleon

In addition, Napoleon often pretended to be someone else so that he could walk freely across the street. He did this mainly by dressing poorer and more soberly than usual, allowing him to walk freely through the streets of Paris. He wanted to know how people lived in Paris. Whenever he walked on the streets, he wore a tube of poison around his neck. He did this so that he could always end his life quickly if he was captured. 


After he was defeated at Waterloo, he was deported to the small island of Saint Helena. It was almost impossible to escape from this island. In spite of that, there are several plans known that were intended to save him from this remote island. There are even a number of plans known where he would be rescued with a mechanical chair or with a submarine. 

Source: Historyhit
Source: Historyhit


Even though so much is known about this man, his cause of death is still a mystery. There are different theories that suggest different things, but his real cause of death remains an unanswered question for many. 


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