What Being a “Dog Person” Really Says About You

There is some speculation that pet preferences say a lot about a person. Do you agree?

Today, let’s focus on dog lovers and what being a dog-person say about them.

The Stereotypes and the Findings

Dog personSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Those who prefer dogs stereotypically are more loyal, rule-followers, and outgoing. They are typically more accommodating and patient. Furthermore, dog people are less neurotic and somewhat more extroverted but not over the top. Almost 40 percent of dog owners valued companionship over affection in relationships.

Dog people also tend to prefer that their pets be submissive to them. In fact, they scored higher on the Social Dominance Orientation scale and higher in competitiveness. Initially, it was reported that dog people score higher on the narcissism scale. Though it has since been found that neither cat nor dog people are more narcissistic or assertive than the other. 

Stereotypically, conservatives favor dogs because they live more simply and are more conforming. However, nine out of the 10 states that favor dogs voted for Obama. Yet they voted Republican in 2012.

Cat people have not necessarily been found to be more neurotic than dog people. Although, they have been found to be more open-minded, non-conforming, and to highly value intellectualism.

Other ways in which dog people score higher than cat people:


Dog people have been found to be more conscientious by 11 percent. They have a slightly stronger sense of duty, be more self-disciplined, and be planners as opposed to being spontaneous.


Dog people scored higher on agreeableness by 13 percent. In this context, it means that they’re more likely to be friendly, altruistic, and trusting. 



The east and west coasts typically prefer cats. It’s the more conservative south that tends to prefer dogs. Also, dog people are more likely to live in a house or a rural area. This fact doesn’t surprise us at all since dogs typically need more room. Whereas cats tend to be preferred for apartments.

Whether you believe that your personality has anything to do with being a cat-person or dog-person, is up to you. If your home and situation are friendly for animals, you can have pretty much any domestic pet that you want.


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