What Is Cabin Fever? And 5 Ways You Deal with It

If you are stuck inside and feel like you are losing your mind, you might just have cabin fever. You feel confined and isolated. Additionally, you may feel depressed, lethargic, and even angry. 

Here are five ways to deal with it all.

1. Stretch and Meditate More

If you are stuck with cabin fever, you might need to make more time for stretching meditation. Better yet, you could look into making yoga part of your regular routine. Whatever route you choose to address your stretching and mindfulness needs, you can help mitigate the impacts of cabin fever or prevent it altogether. 

2. Get Creative

get creative to avoid cabin feverSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

You have all kinds of options here. You could take time to draw or paint. And if you have ever thought about taking on a new craft, this might the time to do it. Don’t forget that cooking also is a great creative outlet. Did you know that cooking can help with anxiety

3. Foster a Pet

If you do not have a pet, then you could look into fostering a pet. When dealing with cabin fever, you need to remedy the feeling of loneliness as soon as possible. And adding a foster pet to your environment might take away those concerns about isolation. 

4. Write Down Your Thoughts

journal writingSource: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Anxiety is one concern you might have when dealing with cabin fever. Do not let anxieties weigh you down. You will only make your problems worse than they really are. However, if you cannot control your anxieties consider journaling. Journaling can indeed help you with cabin fever-related concerns. 

5. Rearrange Your Home

 If you are stuck inside, then you might want to take time to rearrange things. Maybe you could move some items around to make your space feel larger. You could also benefit from just mixing things up. Sometimes when you move stuff around, you can even realize you have access to more things in your home than you thought you did.

Don’t Let Cabin Fever Get the Best of You

You must do what you can to make sure your cabin fever situation does not become a serious wellness issue. Any of the suggestions in this article can help you. But if none is working for you, consider getting in touch with a health professional for support and advice.


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